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The NWMB online library is an online database integrated with the previous Nunavut Wildlife Resource Centres Coalition Database. It contains academic and technical reports, theses, books, journal articles, and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) references and materials. Each record in the database includes all the key reference information. For some of the library records the document is also available as a PDF file for download or alternatively as a web link.

The database can be searched by keyword, title, library ID, year, and author and filtered by language, library, and collection type. Registered users can bookmark individual library records, export lists to an Excel spreadsheet, or create a bibliographic reference list (e.g., to be include in a report). The "Map" page provides an interactive mapping tool to identify library records dealing with a particular geographic location or subject relevance.

If you wish to get registered for a library account please contact the NWMB or use the contact form on this website.